Near miss at Yate B&Q roundabout sparks debate on road markings

Following a near miss on the double roundabout in the centre of Yate, South Gloucestershire Council has explained the road marking amendments.

A Facebook community page recently posted a video depicting two cars approaching the roundabout in different lanes but, from the same junction at Westerleigh Road, with both attempting to leave via the exit marked Ch Sod, for Chipping Sodbury.

The video shared on the Spotted in Yate 2.0 Facebook page shows the two cars in a clear near miss.

Hundreds of locals took to the page in a mass debate as to which car was in the correct lane to approach and exit the roundabout on the A432 that leads off towards McDonald’s.

The new markings show that cars in the left-hand lane from Westerleigh Road should go left onto the A432 Station Road towards Coalpit Heath or use that lane to go into Home Orchard to use B&Q or Morrisons.

The right-hand lane marked Bath and Ch Sod should be used for people wishing to exit the second roundabout going either towards McDonald’s -in which case they cross into the left lane after the junction for Home Orchard, or to continue round to the Kennedy Way exit, leading towards Lidl.

A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council said: “The road markings on the roundabout were amended as part of a scheme to install new puffin crossings on Westerleigh Road and Kennedy Way.

“Work was completed in October 2019 and also included new lane guidance signs on all 5 approaches to the roundabout – all of which do correspond with the associated lane markings.”

You can view a plan of the traffic flow here

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