PM Rishi Sunak visits Gloucester as Tories fear electoral wipeout

It comes at a time when Conservative councillors in the city fear they will be wiped out in the upcoming City Council election. 

Mr Sunak visited the home of Gloucester Rugby a day after he was asked by MP Richard Graham to help find a solution to the ‘crippling’ repayments of loans handed out to Premiership rugby clubs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, there are fears among the ranks of Tory-controlled Gloucester City Council that they face an electoral wipe-out in May due to their party’s slump in the polls.

When asked about this Mr Sunak said the council is working incredibly well with MPs and the Government for the people of Gloucester.

“You can see that with the investment in regeneration with the levelling up fund, transport investments, the A417 being an example,” he said.

“The Government is working very well to support the council and Richard and Alex [Chalk, Cheltenham MP] in the broader area to deliver for their local communities.”

Mr Graham conceded the elections “are going to be tough this time around”.

“We all recognise that,” he said.

“But I think my colleagues on the City Council are doing an amazing job to regenerate the city.

[They] are working really closely with the Government, the university, lots of partners, private investment has been coming in, Wall’s ice cream is good example of that.

“They’ve got a very good case to make and I will be helping them make it as well.”

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