Rare Berkeley beer to be auctioned in aid of Jenner Museum

THE Salutation Inn in Ham, near Berkeley, is to run a silent auction through its webstore “The Sally at Home” for a very rare bottle of “Dr Jenner’s Muscat Vine”.

The beer, brewed by Jonny and Gen Mills, was made from Black Muscat grapes handpicked from the 200-year-old grape vine in the grounds of Dr Jenner’s House, Museum and Garden, yards from their brewery in Berkeley.

The vine was introduced by vaccine pioneer Edward Jenner as a cutting from Hampton Court Palace, originally planted by ‘Capability’ Brown.

All proceeds from the sale of the beer will be donated to Dr Jenner’s House, Museum and Garden, which has been forced to temporarily close following the Coronavirus outbreak.

Pete Tiley, landlord of the Salutation Inn said: “Recognising that this beer is very rare and highly sought after, we thought it would be nice to do something worthwhile with it to celebrate a product that is brewed in Berkeley using local grapes and local yeasts.

“It seems especially important that we use the money to help the Dr Jenner House and Museum continue to tell the incredible story of this great man – a man to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude right now.”

Bidders are invited to email their bids to thesallyathome@gmail.com. More details on the auction via: https://sallyathome.selz.com/

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