Stylist from Four Market Street Hair Salon’s cancer warning

A HAIRDRESSER has potentially saved a customer’s life after she spotted a lump behind his ear which turned out to be cancerous.

James Mackenzie, 82, popped in to Four Market Street Hair Salon in Wotton under Edge for a trim.

Hairdresser Kerrin Taylor was cutting James’ hair when she noticed a lump.

She mentioned it to him and suggested he get it checked out.

James’ daughter Clare Peevers was particularly impressed, and grateful, that Kerrin didn’t just leave it at that.

“She was aware that my mum died two years ago, and she knows she’s not there to keep an eye on him any more,” said Clare.

“Obviously we’re all looking out for dad, but I don’t check behind his ears.

“Thankfully, instead of just alerting dad to the lump and moving on, Kerrin tried to get a message to the family.

“She knew that another of her clients, Graham Archer, has worked for dad’s company Kilcot Conservation for many years, as a painter and decorator.

“So when he next came in, she asked if he could get a message about the lump to somebody in our family, which he did.

“We took photos of the lump, which we sent to the doctor, and from there my dad got a referral.

“A few weeks ago he saw a consultant, who diagnosed the lump as a basal cell carcinoma, and told him it needed to be operated on as soon as possible.

“And he now has an operation booked for November 20.

“My dad would never have bothered to do anything about it without Kerrin’s help.

“Kerrin’s really lovely. She used to cut my mum’s hair before she died. And mum used to cut dad’s hair.

“So Kerrin gave him a free haircut after my mum died, because he was bereaved.

“I think the salon is fantastic and should get some recognition.

“They’re really looking out for their customers.”

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