Traditional hay meadow created in Cam churchyard

A TRADITIONAL hay meadow has been created in the churchyard of St. George’s Church in Cam as a result of a project by the church’s eco church group and community interest company Wild Dursley – ‘WILDur’.

With support from The Summerfield Charitable Trust, as well as money raised by the St. George’s congregation and friends, 1,000 plants from nine different species of hay meadow, were planted by volunteers on Saturday, October 16.

Richard Elliott, who co-ordinates work in the churchyard, said: “I’d like to thank everyone who helped with the planting.

“Once established, we hope the hay meadow will become a great place for pollinating insects as well as providing an attractive natural spectacle for everyone to enjoy.”

Julian Jones, director of Wild Dursley, said: “Hay meadows, along with habitats such as old apple orchards and field ponds, were once a very common sight across Cam and it’s great to be involved in the project to bring biodiversity back to the heart of the village.

“It may take several years for the hay meadow to get established, but once it does it will be a fantastic flower-filled part of the parish.”

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