Travellers camp next to new development in Yate

TRAVELLERS have set up an encampment in Brimsham Park, Yate, just a short walk from new housing development Ladden Garden Village.

Residents first spotted the caravans on the land owned by South Gloucestershire Council on Tuesday evening.

More vehicles arrived on Wednesday.

SGC officers visited the site on Wednesday morning and delivered black bin bags to the people on the unauthorised site.

A small group of travellers were spotted on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning another vehicle had joined the camp in Brimsham Park on land which is owned by South Gloucestershire Council.

Five vehicles including two caravans and a lorry with a large amount of wood and tree cuttings arrived on Tuesday evening and have settled in a field next to Long Croft.

South Gloucestershire Council said they are aware of the travellers and one of their trained officers visited the site on Wednesday morning.

Reports on social media suggest the group had moved on from a previous location in Yate. They were camped on Scott Way earlier in the day on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for South Gloucestershire Council spokesman said: “An unauthorised encampment in Long Croft, Brimsham has been reported. There are two caravans and two associated vehicles.

“Our officer has visited the site and black bags have been delivered.”

South Gloucestershire Council will usually visit an unauthorised sit as soon as practicable. Due to coronavirus the council have put temporary measures in to deal with gypsy or travellers sites.

Reports of new sites are remotely risk assessed and are only visited if they are then deemed urgent or high risk. Normally the Corporate Traveller Services Unit would visit daily until the camp either voluntarily leave or are forced to by bailiffs.

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