Yate Rockies in race for Christmas number one with national Rock Choir

Singers from Yate, with members of their national choir, are on track to be Christmas number one this Friday, currently sitting in the top spot of the UK official singles downloads chart.

Yate Rockies, part of the national Rock Choir, have joined thousands of other members to launch a Christmas single supporting a mental health charity and are a front runner in the battle to secure the number one spot on Christmas day.

Throughout the pandemic members  of the Rock Choir have been involved in home recordings and have now recorded their single, ‘Keeping the dream alive’ for Christmas.

The choir has been commended for its work during the coroavirus crisis by supporting its members and by keeping them socially active, albeit online.

The Yate branch of Rock Choir, which lend a number of the voices to the single, is led by Alex Hawker, who also runs choirs in Bristol, Bath, Stroud and Cheltenham.

“Being part of this amazing group led by our brilliant leader has been the most uplifting and rewarding experience, and this is without taking into account all the new friends I have made.” Said Sue Gray, A member of the Yate ‘Rockies.’

“During covid our choir rehearsals have moved to online meetings. Alex has been amazing in putting stuff together to keep us engaged and smiling! Yes, it is a little strange belting out a Rock Choir number when you are in your living room alone, but who cares!

“Outside of the meetings the other members are so supportive of each other and we have done weekly quizzes and online get togethers, which have been a lifeline for those who are having to shield.”

4550 members of the Rock Choir lent their voices to the Christmas single that is supporting The Mental Health Foundation charity, a charity close to the heart of many members who have shielded throughout the pandemic.

Sue added: “I have been involved in several home recordings, singing into my phone, whilst listening to the track through my headphones, almost like in a proper recording studio!

“I wasn’t aware making a Christmas single was on my bucket list, so I’ve put it on, just so I can cross it off!!

“If we were to secure the Christmas number one slot this would bring so much joy and happiness to us all, and not just to the 4550 members who took part, but to the Rock Choir as a whole.”

To Stream or download our single here, please click here

Rock Choir will be streaming a live on concert on Christmas day. join in live at 9.30am on their YouTube Channel.

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